5 Best Travel Entertainment Apps

What makes a smartphone smart, is it the software installed or the design? The answer is none of them, what truly makes a smartphone smart is the apps installed on the phone. There is an app for almost anything and everything in the world. There are apps for communication, currency conversion, and even there are apps to help you keep fit.

This app has become famous in a short time mainly because of its clear design, its ability to stay connected with people even on low internet bandwidth, it can be installed in any smart phone, you can share photo’s, music and videos and the best thing is Whatsapp is free to download and use. Because Whatsapp is mainly written on C++ and has regular updates on bug fixes. Users can download Whatsapp easily by going to their website and it is a simple easy three step process to install. It automatically adds your friends who have Whatsapp on their phones and not only that, Whatsapp also allows you to block the person whom you don’t wish to speak with.

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Even though this app is preinstalled on Android based smart phones, it can be easily installed on any 3rd generation multimedia phone. The best feature of Viber apart from photo, video, audio sharing and chatting is the fact that any other phone that has Viber installed can make or receive free phone calls. Viber uses technology that is similar to Yahoo chat and other voice chat apps.

Designed to be the next Facebook for your pictures. This app acts as a fun sharing tool, where youca n collect things you love and share those with others. Wherever you are you can ping photos to another pinterest user. Pinterest has become a very powerful app because of its classy display, smooth album cover and the ability of sharing your inner photographer with the world.

How many times you wanted to lock a few applications that you didn’t want to be seen or share with someone else? Could be many times, isn’t? So, Applock keeps your files, messages and other data safe and secure. With this app only you can access the phone so protecting your confidential data in a much secured way.

Archos Media Player
Although, you find music player in every smartphone, but installing this app will add certain benefits. You can enjoy seeing and listening to good audio and video files. Similar to us ESTA, which is mandatory for any traveller who wants to enter the United States, you should install all these travel apps in your smartphone to kick off travel boredom.

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