An Insight Into The Latest Android/Nougat Updates

The Android O update is right around the corner and now Android Nougat is slowly coming to the end of its life. Nougat is now creeping to double digits in terms of the distribution number and now Android 7.1.2 is out for a huge number of devices. Nougat may not have delivered the overhaul we wanted and it is an update from the Lollipop version, but that being said, there are some major improvements that certainly do need to be discussed. There have been some very important updates regarding the usability and there have also been some new major features as well. These are both in front of the user and they are behind the scenes as well. Check out this page for all Android nougat  updates related information.

The Android 7.1.2 update was announced in January and this brings a lot to the table. The Pixels miss out on a lot of the best features with this update and the only thing that it really does get is the “powered by Android” sign on the boot up screen. It also gets the March 5th security patch as well, but that being said, the Pixel phone already came with a ton of upgrades so it didn’t really miss out on that much. It also got an upgrade with the swipe gesture and the Bluetooth connectivity problems that people have been experiencing have all been sorted out as well. The Nexus 6P gained fingerprint scanners and gestures, meaning that it is more than possible for you to drag down any notifications with the rear mounted scanner. You can find this under the moves section of the settings part in the menu. Of course, the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9 cannot be updated to this Android version.

Latest Android Nougat Updates

The Android 7.1.2 Nougat Update

The main change that has been done came for the Pixel C. This phone has the Pixel launcher and it also has a new multitasking view added to it as well. The recent apps overview has several small tiles in a grid pattern and this is very different when compared to the grid pattern that is normally associated with Android phones. You will only be able to choose from 8 apps in total, at any given time. You can’t swipe them away for now but don’t be disappointed by this, because it is a solid start. That being said, the Pixel C also comes with new navigation buttons and this enables you to swipe up from the home, starting screen and you can open up the app drawer from this as well. This Nougat update also gave users the chance to install a huge range of live wallpapers. If you aren’t using a Pixel phone then you will be able to install the Wallpapers app and this replaces the functional Pixel wallpaper picker.

New Android Features

Quite possibly the most significant change that has been done includes the launcher shortcuts. This gives you the chance to press an icon for a longer period of time and it gives you a couple of actions from this. You can shoot your own video and you can also take a selfie if you want as well. You can do all of this from the camera app and you don’t have to launch and open up the app first. Before you had 5 quick toggles and now you have 6, not to mention that if you hold down the power button, you have a quick restart option available and it is safe to say that this is long overdue. There is a new tabbed view in the settings menu and this really does reflect the one that can be found on the Pixel. There is a support tab and this gives you the chance to get the support you need around the clock. Of course, you also have the Moves section and this gives you the chance to change your motion detection toggles.  With Gif support as well, it is safe to say that this update really is welcome for a lot of Android users and there is no telling what else could be achieved under the next updates that Android have lined up.

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