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The Android O update is right around the corner and now Android Nougat is slowly coming to the end of its life. Nougat is now creeping to double digits in terms of the distribution number and now Android 7.1.2 is out for a huge number of devices. Nougat may not have delivered the overhaul we wanted and it is an update from the Lollipop version, but that being said, there are some major improvements that certainly do need to be discussed. There have been some very important updates regarding the usability and there have also been some new major features as well. These are both in front of the user and they are behind the scenes as well. Check out this page for all Android nougat  updates related information.

The Android 7.1.2 update was announced in January and this brings a lot to the table. The Pixels miss out on a lot of the best features with this update and the only thing that it really does get is the “powered by Android” sign on the boot up screen. It also gets the March 5th security patch as well, but that being said, the Pixel phone already came with a ton of upgrades so it didn’t really miss out on that much. It also got an upgrade with the swipe gesture and the Bluetooth connectivity problems that people have been experiencing have all been sorted out as well. The Nexus 6P gained fingerprint scanners and gestures, meaning that it is more than possible for you to drag down any notifications with the rear mounted scanner. You can find this under the moves section of the settings part in the menu. Of course, the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9 cannot be updated to this Android version.

Latest Android Nougat Updates

The Android 7.1.2 Nougat Update

The main change that has been done came for the Pixel C. This phone has the Pixel launcher and it also has a new multitasking view added to it as well. The recent apps overview has several small tiles in a grid pattern and this is very different when compared to the grid pattern that is normally associated with Android phones. You will only be able to choose from 8 apps in total, at any given time. You can’t swipe them away for now but don’t be disappointed by this, because it is a solid start. That being said, the Pixel C also comes with new navigation buttons and this enables you to swipe up from the home, starting screen and you can open up the app drawer from this as well. This Nougat update also gave users the chance to install a huge range of live wallpapers. If you aren’t using a Pixel phone then you will be able to install the Wallpapers app and this replaces the functional Pixel wallpaper picker.

New Android Features

Quite possibly the most significant change that has been done includes the launcher shortcuts. This gives you the chance to press an icon for a longer period of time and it gives you a couple of actions from this. You can shoot your own video and you can also take a selfie if you want as well. You can do all of this from the camera app and you don’t have to launch and open up the app first. Before you had 5 quick toggles and now you have 6, not to mention that if you hold down the power button, you have a quick restart option available and it is safe to say that this is long overdue. There is a new tabbed view in the settings menu and this really does reflect the one that can be found on the Pixel. There is a support tab and this gives you the chance to get the support you need around the clock. Of course, you also have the Moves section and this gives you the chance to change your motion detection toggles.  With Gif support as well, it is safe to say that this update really is welcome for a lot of Android users and there is no telling what else could be achieved under the next updates that Android have lined up.

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 In the purview of the rising crimes like burglary and murder, security camera systems have become an indispensable part of the modern day housing premises’. In this write-up, we have listed the benefits of installing wireless security camera

With the technological innovation, the security systems have come a long way in terms of offering better security features as well convenient usage. The wireless security systems have become the order of the day. There are plenty of benefits of wireless camera systems, which are discussed below:

Wireless Home Security Camera Systems

  • No Hassles of Wires

Long, loose, dangling wires inside the home can spoil the home décor, not to mention, they are pretty hard to deal with. You can get rid of these hassles with the wireless security system. It allows you to place the camera at any location you want without having to worry about having an electrical outlet. Also, without wires, it makes it easier for you to keep your camera discrete for security purposes. There is nothing that gives away the location of a security camera than a big wire that hangs down the wall.

  • Easy to install

The traditional security camera systems required you to drill holes in your walls and get a wall mounting of sorts to place the camera. Although, it may not be the most difficult task to do, the installation process consumes a lot of time. However, if you have a wireless camera system, the installation process is quite easy, you simply have to place the camera at any location you want and be sure that your premise is under constant surveillance.

  • Provides great flexibility

One of the hallmarks of the modern day, state-of-the-art security systems for home is that they provide the homeowners great flexibility in terms of usage. First and foremost, you can use this camera anywhere and everywhere within your home premises. Secondly, you can program it to different settings as well as physically move it to a different location without the hassles of wires attached to it.

  • Receiver

All kinds of security systems are made of two components, a camera, and a receiver. The modern systems have come with a high-capacity receiver, which means that you can watch the recording of the camera from a distance anywhere between 700 feet to 10 miles. The receiving capacity depends on the type of the system you purchase. Apart from the long distance coverage, the wireless receiver has the capacity to see through various tough objects, it can infiltrate up to eight walls and see through solid objects like plastic, metals, and wood.

  • Inexpensive

Since there are no wires involved, it doesn’t require any expensive tools or accessories for installation. This not only allows you to save money on buying accessories but also helps save the installation cost. You can use the saved money to buy a high-end camera and ensure better safety and security.

  • Night vision

Unlike the traditional security systems, the wireless security camera for home come with high-end features like night vision. These cameras are equipped with an infrared system that allows you to monitor your premises even in the dark. The night vision system is a great feature if you live in a secluded place where there is a risk of stray animals entering your premises, you can monitor the surrounding and take quick evasive action to ensure the safety of your property and family members.

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Internet has certainly revolutionized every facet of life, and today in this piece of annotation we will unveil about how you can easily listen to radio online. Internet radio came to the fore in late 90’s and traditional radio broad casters have used the medium to relay their programming. But today things have changed drastically and with the evolution of more potent technology that has rally round the radio to reach the point where it has both global and mass appeal.

One can easily tune into favorite radio channel with your computer device and there is no need to carry a handy radio. It is indeed one of the easiest way through which you can simply listen radio with your computer device. Gone are the days when one has to set the antenna in order to fine tune the frequency so that you can have crystal clear audibility.  It  is  certainly one of the superlative system through which you can easily listen to music  at your expedience and it  won’t  be wrong to say that radio is one such media that has gone through ebb and  tides  in more turbulent way.

Internet Radio

The long forgotten romance of radio and music is blameless as other dynamic medium rose to prominence. And online radio has certainly tried to bring back the lost saga of radio. Well, today we will not deal with the history of radio in fact how you can easily connect with mainstream media with the audiences too. Radio has witnessed long and fruit full journey from transistor radios, to car radios, PDA’s and cell phones and wireless device connectivity has certainly expand the reach undeniably. It won’t be wrong to say that radio is one of the potent tools of social change since time immemorial. If you are still hazy about internet radio then just glide your eyes and see what all it entails.

 What makes internet radio up-beat!

Internet radio is not limited only with audio as it accompanied with graphic, text ,multimedia  images and interactivity therefore it’s not just the musical ride in fact, it is a  musical experience with enhanced and spot on interactivity. Internet has certainly evolved and so does the radio, Online radio is free from the geographical clutches and one can easily listen to the radio while sitting in any nook and corner and that took in more befitting manner and without any hassles and trouble.

With more then 30, 000 online radio channels one can easily choose the station as per your taste and requirement and it has colossal cyber space that whelp you to offer entire range of music that you like. One can easily tune in online radio as per your own convenience and to your surprise online radio is not about only music in fact, it’s more than as it has to more to offer. One can easily choose the radio as per your taste and requirements for instance if you are someone who is into pop music that you can streamline channel that are into pop music.

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The clash royale is a latest tool available for free both Android and iOS. The great thing about Clash Royale hack is to come in different forms, which can be either downloaded or works directly in online. This clash royale cheats provide several benefits and features to the users, when compared to other hack tools. By using this hack, you will get unlimited amount of resources such as free gold, gems and elixir from the generator. In fact, this online generator is compatible with all operating system and mobile devices including tablet and smart phones. In addition to, the users can also gain daily updates of hacks so the players can continue to enjoy the game.

The clash royale hack tool is very simple and easy to use by just following the instruction. It is a very secure app to use in any mobile devices, which are 100% safe and undetectable. With the use of clash royale hack, you can generate unlimited amount of resources and everything works properly. If you want to use this app, you will get this app from the App store for free. In order to hack clash royale, you just want to enter the cheat codes.

Clash royale hack

Why do choose the clash royale hack?

The clash royale hack is an application used to generate the unlimited resources in the clash royale game. The major reason to choose the clash royale hack is given below,

  • Very easy and simple to use
  • It greatly supports both android and iOS
  • Easily access both online and downloadable version
  • It does not require any extra space in the device memory
  • No need to use any extra devices
  • Instant accessibility
  • It provides 100% safe and anti ban protection

Great features of clash royale hack

The best thing about Clash Royale hack is providing free access to all the users in order to get free points as well as other resources like coins and XP. It is also a temporary access tool for several months that you can used to generate the resources in the clash royale account. Some of the great features of online clash royale hack tool are given below,

  • Add unlimited gold
  • Add unlimited gems
  • Add unlimited elixir
  • Compatible of all android, iOS and windows OS
  • 100% safe and undetectable
  • Daily updates and guaranteed free of virus
  • Provides user proxy protected
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Search engine optimization has helped many business people to make huge sales through online marketing.  This has however not been possible without the services of the SEO companies. Most of these companies have worked tirelessly to ensure that every business person has been able to reap the benefits of SEO without necessarily having to spend too much on it.    Search the internet about the seo services near mobile.

Best Seo Company

Essential tips to Find SEO Experts:

When searching for SEO companies there are several things that one must have in their mind. These are:

  • Skills and reputation

The experts must have the right skills to help a site owner get more traffic whether using the organic methods or other paid tools and skills. They should also be well known by some of the web owners who around you. Their work should be evidence enough whether you should hire them or not.

  • Needs and requirements of a good website

Many people do not know what can be called a good website during the building process. They may therefore stick to a website that does not work for a long time. If you are one of such people, you should look for any agency to help you unravel the mystery.

A good SEO agency will help you to know the course that you should take to achieve your business goals. With such advice, you will have a beginning point as far as this whole topic is concerned.

  • Prices

Good SEO service providers will have alternatives for various budget limits. Therefore, if you are running on a low budget, you should find a company that can offer inexpensive solutions for you.

  • Ask them to give you an idea of the strategies and techniques used

There is need to review the strategies used by a company in SEO. This is because some of the strategies may not really lead you to the right SEO path. For instance, a company that insists that they must stuff keywords or even make tricks to ensure that the search engines rank your site highly is purely misguided. Others may be too limited in their strategies that it might take you so long before SEO results are achieved.

  • The rank of the search engine optimizer’s home page

You can install Google’s tool bar and find out if your service provider is well ranked or not. Such a ranking is given to the optimizers who perform well in the field. Those who are good enough may be ranked at a number above 6.

  • Honest and Friendly Experts

SEO is not achieved overnight! As such, no company should trick into thinking that they will perform magic for you to get results. You will therefore have to look for a partner, one in whom you should consult every time you need to.

You will also need a company that can explain to you all the terms that they use in their venture. This way, you will not only receive their services, but you will become an expert in the field as well.

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In recent times, there are many people running out of time in their work place. On the basis of employee, an ease of work can be done with time editing and review features. To make their work completion within time, there is a simple solution like selecting time clock software. This software helps each individual employee to complete the task within exact time. Additionally this software helps you providing alert indication once you exceed the time. Almost, all working people will use this software and benefit with their own working systems. This is considered to be most effective and there will be lots of people trying to follow the same software at regular interval of time.

Time Clock Software

Employee time clock

This clock is most important and there will be lots of followers who will be ready to check out the analysis over online. Online is the best solution and there you can collect n-number of information at a required rate. This clock will show you exact online sheet with accurate clock time not even approximate. When you are able to view the time via employee time clock you can work within exact tat. There will not be any sorts of confusions as well. Right now, there is much online clock software which helps you to save time as well as money. The value of money will be known out only when concern people experience on their own. Always most people focus only towards their work and look for money. Now, it’s time to experience the value of time over time clock software.

Supportive software

There are many software tools available in the market but the only focus is made to time clock software. Right now, there is lots of possibility in checking out the reviews which they can make. Online is the greatest source where each one of them can make effective analysis in great way. They can take their own time and make excellent analysis according to their satisfaction. Once, if an employee is satisfied, that person will require time clock software all the time doing working progress. This software is most supportive and you will have wide benefits via using this. There is excellent choice available over here and right now this software impact has spread over employee side. As this software is considered to be most supportive one, there will be frequent requirement during all working time.

Software usability

There are many employees rushing up to use this software and dig on their online work sheet. Right now, this sheet may help like indicating alert for time whenever they login. From the time of login, complete alert indication will reach out at wider way. Once, the dig over their system is made, the complete alert setting can be made according to their convenience. Until they logout, the indications will rise out onto their systems through their usability. Now, there are many software tools designed with different features. Though there are many alternative features this particular software seems to be much easy all the time.

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Folding cartons are hands down the ideal method when it comes to showcasing your products. In addition to being a good method of display, they also provide a ton of protection and can be made to fit the needs of any customer.

There’s a reason why folding cartons have been trending in the packaging industry recently. Let’s take a closer look and see just how these cartons can help you.

Folding Cartons for Product Packaging

They Are Safe from Contamination

In the past, there had been concerns about cartons in food packaging being susceptible to certain contaminants. However, recently the Food Standards Agency has developed a scanner that is able to determine whether there has been any accidental transfer of these sorts of chemicals.

There have been numerous innovations when it comes to carton packaging. One of the most notorious chemicals had been the mineral oils that come from using recycled newspapers.

Printing ink is now something that is easily scanned for to avoid contamination.

They Are Ideal for Cutting Costs

Folding cartons are an ideal way to showcase smaller products. Many companies have been making the switch as they have found the larger cartons end up costing more in the long run and sometimes don’t offer as much protection.

Both smaller and larger companies have seen that switching to folding cartons saves them significant amounts of money on their packaging volume costs.

There Is More Variety

In addition to saving money on packaging costs, there is also the added benefit of allowing you to make your products significantly more appealing to a diverse selection of customers.

Regardless of whether your customers are purchasing for a large household or just themselves, using folding cartons provides greater freedom in targeting customers.

With changing lifestyles and more people living on their own or with roommates and wanting to purchase their own food, these folding cartons are ideal when it comes to addressing their individual needs.

Easy Branding

Printing technology has been developing in leaps and bounds within the past few years, and carton companies have taken full advantage of all of the improvements that have come along.

There are so many ways to develop your brand on cartons now, such as utilizing QR codes or holographic lenses, in addition to a plethora of other developments that have been made recently.

Folding cartons can easily be incorporated into any marketing strategy out there and offer tons of versatility elsewhere as well.

They Work Well With Other Technologies

We’re coming into the age of printable plastics, papers, and even electronics. This sort of technology has caught on like wildfire within a variety of industries, such as medicine monitoring.

Folding cartons are able to fully utilize this new technology and incorporate it into their overall design, which makes them an ideal method of packaging products that won’t be going away any time soon.

Overall, there are numerous benefits that come with deciding to use folding cartons for your product packaging needs.

Understanding just how much they can save you in the long run and just how much more versatile they are now than they have been in the past will give your business, regardless of the product you ship, the leg up on the competition.

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This is the era in which the internet plays an important role in everyone life. Internet is providing the solutions that are widely comes under various categories. The diverse solutions that are provided by the internet have hiked up the advancements in the human life. If you want to communicate with the person who is dwelling at the other end of the world, then it is possible through the internet. If you want to learn anything then it is possible through the internet. If you want to earn some money then internet is essential. Internet acts as a digital hub that unites the world at one single point. In addition to the things that are associated with it, there is some other stuff that you need to concentrate on available widely. Since internet is being as a place where millions and millions are people are getting to it daily, we need to find out the safer side of it to make use of the services or processes without any trouble. In addition to these, cyber security is very crucial nowadays. This is because the people are increasingly interested in stealing the information of others through any of the cyber attacks.

Using Public Network

Though specific securities are available to take care of us without getting vulnerable to those attacks, they are finding the loop holes for their benefits. This is totally a wrong way, but we could not able to do anything against it. Hence in order to deal this, security systems are available on the internet. When compared to other, the banking security is very important. The transactions are mainly done in the areas of the banking sector. The real money is playing every role in it. Hence it is important to take care of the money transaction from the cyber criminals. Of course we cannot stay out of it fill but we can carefully skip about banking security. VASCO mobile banking security will prove you the essentiality of installing it in your device. When you are making the banking transaction then it is very important. It ensures the security of your most crucial as well as sensitive bank details. There are some people who have the practice of using the public network like wifi that they found in the place where they are going. They are totally an unsafe practice. Especially they should never make use of the public network to transact the money and they should not buy any online products with it. The hackers will look for the public networks to steal the information. Hence it is very essential to have a bank security application in the mobile device. If not so then it you need to encounter any of the difficulties in the future. The digital threat is being done in the current period excessively. You should not give a way for it and do not be a prey to those kinds of people who are looking for the right opportunity to steal your money.

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With the increased features of the advanced technologies, a lot of innovative products and tools are introduced in the market for the mobile phones. In such a way, the wireless headphones are the latest arrival that gives you the enduring effects in enjoying your favorite music. With the help of these kinds of the headphones, you can also use it for some other devices like TV too. Yes, if you love to watch and listen to your favorite TV programs at high volume without bothering anyone, you can choose to go with the wireless headphones. Of course, you can also connect it with the televisions to enjoy your experience. Let’s see how to connect wireless headphone to TV in the easiest manner.

Adding the wireless headphones to your HDTV can be the fantastic way to watch the TV as just the volume you want without disturbing anyone else in the process.  In fact, this is highly popular among the gamers. Yes, the gamers love to enjoy their game play by using the headphones with the television. As well as, it is also ideal for the people who like to watch the television at late night without interfering others.

In fact, wireless headphones work by connecting or coupling with the device you want to use through the infrared or the radio signals. Most of the devices are using Bluetooth technology to make connecting easier for the users.

Connecting Wireless Headphones To Television

Tips for adding your wireless headphones to TV

Before you are going to connect with the wireless television, you should familiarize yourself with the TV’s analogue audio output.  There are two kinds of the audio outputs available in TV and they are headphone jack and RCA phono. Let’s see the ways for connecting wireless headphones through the headphone jack.

  • First and foremost, you have to connect one end of the audio cable to the headphone jack that is located on the rear of your television.
  • Then, you need to attach the other end of the audio wire to the audio in the hack of the wireless headphone transmitter.
  • After that, you can join the AC power adapter of the transmitter into the power adapter jack.
  • Now, you have to plug in the transmitter in an AC outlet.
  • Adjust the TV volume as per your preference.
  • Finally, you need to ensure whether the wireless headphone is turned on. Then, you can adjust the volume in your desired level.

Connecting the headphones through RCA jack

Just like adding the headphones through the headphones jack, it is also possible to connect the headphones through the RCA jack too. Of course, there are different kinds of the online sites that are also available for giving you the details for connecting the headphones in the easiest manner.

With the Bluetooth or wireless headphones, you can get enjoyed with the wonderful music as you like. Of course, you can see howto connect wireless headphone to TV easily with the help of the available accessories and you can further search the internet to know more details.

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