Best Smartphones To Gift Your Loved Ones This New Year

It is almost the end of the year 2015 and as you are making elaborate plans to usher in the New Year and preparing a list of resolutions, you may have one important thing to do. Set your foot into the New Year by buying a nice gift to your loved one may be your dad, sister, brother or your wife. If you are running out of creative gifting ideas, it is best to take the safe route and buy a new Smartphone. It is not only the most versatile gift that you can present to anyone but also it is a gift that you can never go wrong with. Not to mention, gifting a new smartphone is a feasible option, you not have a plethora of options to choose from but also you get to stay within your budget.

There is a great selection of phones that you can pick. In addition, if you are buying it online, you would find plenty of special New Year offers that would help you get attractive discount on your purchases. So here are a few most popular phones that you can consider buying:

Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6

An iPhone is one of those things that everyone wants to have these days, it is the latest tech fad and plus it comes with its premium quality tag that is sure to give complete value for your money. It would be a perfect gift for your younger brother or sister or may be even your dad to upgrade to a swanky new iPhone. The phone is not only aesthetically appealing but also guarantees powerhouse performance. Not to mention, it comes with plenty of other features that makes it a great hit among the audience be its superb camera, awesome sound quality, amazing battery durability, the phone has it all.


This is one of the LG’s flagship phones that is in so many ways better than its predecessor, LG G2. Gifting this phone to your loved one will surely bring a big smile to their face and they will definitely appreciate your smart choice of gift. If you are gifting this phone to a youngster, he/she will be aware that it is a power mill that is disguised as a phone. The supreme picture quality and the iconic design is what set it apart from other phones in the market.

Nokia Lumia 1520

You may think that Nokia is out of the Smartphone game but it still is a great choice especially if the person you are gifting this phone to is a Windows loyalist. The Nokia Lumia 1520 runs on the Windows 8 OS and it offers a great platform for the users to enjoy a hassle free and smooth user experience. Not to mention, the phone sports a 6 inch screen and it comes with an affordable price too.

Sony Xperia Z3

If your son or daughter love to click pictures or has the uncanny knack to pull out all kinds of pose then he or she will greatly love this Smartphone. Sony has always been known for its supreme quality camera that makes clicking pictures more fun than ever before. The larger screen size is a great plus too, it takes the multi-media experience a notch higher.

So, grab any one of these phones and see your special one’s face light up!

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