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Most Common Mistakes People Make While Using Computers

When it comes to facing the fact that electronic devices cannot last forever it is hard for all of us to accept it. But that is the reality. No one should expect their phones or computers to last forever. They are created to serve you around 4-5 years. TAG It Support will give you some advice to make your computer last longer.

People have a tendency to blame the manufacturers, but in fact it is not their fault. That is how computers work and it should not surprise you. But if your computer breaks down in the first few months or year, then you should try to find the problem in yourself.


How often do you clean your computer?

Be realistic when you answer this question. 80% of computer users forget to clean their device. Computers are devices that collect dust through the ventilation systems. This slows down the computer and causes heating. In the worst possible way this can damage the mother board. So to prevent thing from happening clean the computer regularly. The best way to clean the computer is with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the display with inappropriate products

If you need to clean the display, use soft cotton cloth, do not put any cleaning products because you may damage the display permanently.

Installing drivers and software without restarting the computer

Yes, we all have a need of that extra time and no one wants to restart the computer after every installation, but this can seriously damage your computer. It is a common mistake that a lot of people make and then they end up blaming retailers and programmers. Remember – every time after you finish installation, restart the computer even if it doesn’t ask you to do it.

You don’t update the software regularly

Programmers work on new updates all the time. Maybe to you they seem a waste of time and you don’t think that they are important. These updates of programs and applications are actually fixes of the bugs and the problems they had in the past. These updates improve the application and do not allow malicious software to attack your device. So, if you do not want to endanger your safety and the safety of your data, update the software regularly. There is an option to do it automatically.

The computer freezes and you don’t know what to do

We’ve all been in a situation where the computer suddenly freezes or crashes and there is not much a regular user can do in that moment. Before you start panicking restart the computer from the power button and run a detailed anti – virus scan of your computer. Uninstall suspicious programs and delete suspicious files too. Clean the computer and see how it behaves. If you think that there are still problems, it is desirable to make a defragmentation of the hard drive. Before you do that, check if the warranty is expired or not.

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3 Important Steps to Improve Your Computer’s Performance

There are different factors that can make your computer’s performance slow and below your expectations. Should you encounter your computer freezing or crashing, your computer may well be having performance troubles. Amongst the primary causes of a slow performance is the Processor’s incapacity to support the most recent applications.

3 Important Steps to Improve Your Computer’s Performance

Your PC can experience slowing down especially whenever you open a lot of programs at a time. It really is finest to see to perform preventive measures to make sure your personal computer performs at its very best. Get Rid of Unwanted Programs Your personal computer could have programs that you do not really need at all. Getting rid of these programs or applications can free up some space of your personal computer. When some precious space is accessible, your PC can perform faster. It is possible to get rid of unwanted programs from your computer via the following:

  1. Select Start menu.
  2. Select Control Panel. The Control Panel window displays.
  3. In the Control Panel window, choose Add or Remove Programs. The Add or Remove Programs window displays all the software applications installed on your personal computer.
  4. Check which programs you don’t require anymore and select Remove. Install Anti-virus Software Computers which are connected to the web or to removable storage devices have the high risk of virus infections. Getting your PC infected with a virus can affect its performance.

To stop this, you have to install anti-virus software on your PC. Whenever you connect removable storage devices to your computer, you must also scan them first. Updating the anti-virus software from time to time will also further stop virus infections.

Alter Your Hardware Components You might also need to change or upgrade your hardware components for it to perform faster. The graphics card and RAM are amongst these hardware components. Check your PC if it runs on an integrated graphics card because your PC won’t be able to support newest applications if it does.

You need to alter to a much more advanced graphics card that is also compatible along with your personal computer. Changing your RAM to a 2GB or 4GB capacity can also make your laptop or computer run faster.

A whole lot of things can also be carried out to enhance the performance of your PC and make it run faster. It is possible to research over the net for these guidelines. The very best thing to do as of the moment is to follow these 3 straightforward actions on the way to make your laptop or computer run faster. Written by Randy Moore. Check out the best tips on how to make your computer faster and improve your computer’s performance.

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Learn Piano Online and Play Like a Pro in No Time

There is no shortage of people who want to learn how to play an instrument. A clear indicator of this is the millions of people that take piano lessons every day. In the past, the options for learning the piano were limited. A person could try to teach themselves or they could take expensive piano lessons. Both of these options offer considerable challenges. However, software that can help a person learn piano online and that incorporates both technical lessons, as well as self-taught motivations, has been used to make a tremendous musical instruction program like Playground Sessions.

The Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Playing an instrument can help people in a number of different ways. For one, playing an instrument makes people feel gratified by allowing them to feel as if they have accomplished something. In addition, learning an instrument can often help people to focus. In fact, children who suffer from conditions like ADD have been able to be more focused in life in general by learning to play the piano. Playing an instrument can help alleviate depression and help improve a person’s mood.

Understanding Music Theory

A person that wants to learn to play the piano needs to understand music theory. Not only is it important to learn how to play, learn different styles, different techniques as well as formulating an individual style, knowing music theory is important. If a person wants to achieve a particular type of sound, whether it be melancholy or moody, understanding music theory will help them know the types of chords and progressions that will allow for these types of moods to be expressed through music.

In addition, knowing music theory can help a person to write their own music as well. Understanding the way chords are used in various types of music is not only good for performing but when writing music, it is essential. If a person is looking to convey a certain feeling, or if they are writing a song and want to join two separate parts into on unified song, knowing how to write music for those situations is necessary. Knowing correct music theory will aid in that endeavor.

Keeping it Fun

Learning how to play piano using Playground Sessions piano software created by music legend Quincy Jones offers a format that is not only educational but entertaining. This type of software plays more like a game than an intensive music lesson. This is another method for keeping people’s interests and helps them move forward in learning how to become a skilled piano player. The program also offers a recording suite to allow a person to play pieces of music, record them at professional quality audio standards and share them online with family, friends or the general public.

There are tremendous opportunities to learn piano online using innovative piano learning software like Playground Sessions. Fortunately, these new methods don’t sacrifice a quality music education. From understanding music theory, learning how to read, learning how to play and having fun while doing it, this program is the perfect solution for somebody without a great deal of time or money to learn how to play piano like a pro.

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Power through your day with comfortable HP Elitedisplay S231D

Create the classic work space with the beautiful 23.0″ provided with the IPS LED Backlit Docking Monitor. The beauty of watching monitors holds the way with the quality of the screen so when the screen resolution is good making a better vision. HP ELITE DISPLAY S231D is one of the top class monitor that is designed for luxuriousness in watching the monitors. With a single USB cable connection, you can easily access all you need from the notebook for displaying. Charging the HP Notebook battery as well as powering the HP Notebook with DC power cable display. HP monitor also have the high class 1920 x 1080 resolution with the arsenic free display glass. The EliteDisplay provides the crystal clear screen so that you will definitely experience making a good experience using the monitor.

HD2 IPS Technology

Watching the 23” Elite Display screen in HD2 In-plane Switching (IPS) technology is one of the highly advanced made.  It also holds the gateway for streamlined, pre-arranged, pre-selected and personalized work space. The HD2 IPS is installed with mercury free back light display providing you the better low halogen. There are also 2 USB 2.0, 3 USB 3.0, 5000000:1 dynamic, 1000:1 static, 1 headphone/line-out, 1 audio and 1 RJ-45 included in the display. The Anti-glare display type used in the monitor is also one of the most advantageous features for increased visual in the angles easily. Easier to connect as well as the virtual communication systems making the professional-class display integrated with the modern features such as webcam, speakers, dual microphones and many more in the monitor version. See everything in full HD installing the f3j72aa with the 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. The wide angle IPS is one of the most modern features providing the classic and 5 M:1 dynamic contrast ratio with 250 cd/m2 brightness. The 8 ms response time is one of the adequate advantages for an effective look.

HP Elitedisplay S231D

Simple Connectivity

Turn your desktop into the most effective hub connected to a wider angle display to the network. The peripherals are connected with a USB 3.0 cable connecting to the Smart AC Technology powers that can be used as a power charge to the HP Notebook. Boosting productivity with the lowest cost display doubles the duty with the large format in monitor. The port replicator delivers the better network for connectivity. HP Notebook charging and port expansion present in a single device.. The Elite Display range of inputs connected with the display port 1.2, two USB 3.0 as well as two USB 2.0 ports and VGA. Get your network connectivity with the quicker RJ-45 jack.

Additional Features

Keeping the line of communication with the integrated 720p HD2 webcam gives a good experience for video chatting. The Dual microphone with virtual conferencing software makes HP Elite Display connectivity easier. Enjoy the best adjust ability available in HP business display from KOMAKS. The Warranty term of 12 months and selled by KOMAKS gives the customers luxurious options for purchase.

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PSU – Don’t Let Brownouts or Power Inconsistencies Ruin Your Computers

PSU: Power supplies for computer systems are incredibly sensitive to the power input from a wall socket. An improper ground within the socket can cause electrical failure within these units causing damage in the event of a brownout or other related circumstance.Althoughpower supplies for computer and networking systems are relatively easy to replace in contrast to the other components, a failed PSU can lead to down time for a workstation. If this unit inside of a network switch fails due to power inconsistencies or brownouts, a large portion of your network could be disabled until a replacement is installed. This could lead to a great deal of down time for the organization.

PSU – Don’t Let Brownouts

Backup battery units level out the power flow in order to reduce this situation from happening. Although the batter backup’s primary design is to supply power during an outage, it can also double as a method to regulate the power. In the event of a brownout or other problem on the power lines, battery backup units provide the additional electricity that is needed in order to keep anything plugged into them operating consistently. This aspect greatly reduces the chances of damage being caused to the PSU of the device plugged into the unit. If you don’t have a battery backup for your important computer devices, it may be in your best interest to shop today and find a unit that is perfect for your needs. Don’t risk downtime due to problems that arise on the power grid.

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