Enjoy 3 Players Online Browsing Game Tank Trouble With Your Friends

It has been long since the small games in the computer were played with a lot of interest. The advent of complex heavyweight games has snatched the attention of the game players from the fun and thrilling lightweight, simple games.

Previously the games were designed for a simple platform and were played with keyboard or mouse or both with simple commanding options. Those days are back with an exciting game Tank Trouble designed for the vintage game lovers and online players.

Online Browsing Game Tank

About the game

This eminent game is one of its kind browser game designed in a simple and unique user interface mode. The game has very easy controls, and you do not have to go through any kind of training session to play. As simple as it looks, the game has very few controls to know and play. The game is very light and can be played in any browser of your choice and supports all types of graphics.

When you start the game the first noticeable point that strikes your mind is the simplicity as mentioned before. There are only 5 keys involved to control a tank and play the game. 4 keys are to control the movement of the tank and another extra key to shoot. The best part of the online game is that you can play with your friend(s) as opponents.

The game takes place in a maze-like structure where you and your opponents’ tanks will be present in different colors. The main objective is to destroy the opponents’ tank before they do, either by firing the primary weapon you have or firing the collective bonus weapons spawning in the maze. The collective weapons do not stick around forever and expire after a single fire. Once fired the bonus weapon will expire and you have to hunt for another one.

Control and Options

Tank Trouble is loaded with fun and excitement. There are three modes of gameplay.

  • 1 PLAYER

If you want to play alone, then you need to choice the ‘1 PLAYER’ button. The computer will play as a robot dog named ‘LAIKA’ and you have to win by destroying the robot dog’s tank first. The controls will be arrow keys for directions and ‘M’ for shooting the weapons.

  • 2 PLAYER

In this mode, the computer will not play and instead you can play with another contestant with the sane keyboard. Your control options will be same whereas the opponent’s options will be ‘E’ (up), ‘S’ (left), ‘D’ (down) and ‘F’ (right) and ‘Q’ for firing the weapons.

  • 3 PLAYER

This is the most attractive feature of this game. The game can be played by three contestants together on the same computer with defined control options. The two players will have the same options, but the third opponent will control the movement of his or her tank with the mouse.

Action packed fun

The weapons can be bounced in the walls and hit the opponent. It all depends on your calculations that you can hit a moving target even behind the obstacles. Fire up excitement and have adrenaline rushing fun with your friends.

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