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This is a super professional Bluetooth sound system which has an exceptionally well sound quality and quite amazing LED lights with it. It also includes an audio jack output which can be well connected with the secondary speaker system and has a wireless karaoke microphone with it. The speaker can be placed anywhere in a room where the party is going on. It also includes an USB dock charger with it and a Bluetooth device. The device has the latest version of the Bluetooth device which is quite new for the current generation of population. This device invariably allows the individual to play the music from a sharp distance of 30ft without the need to use the cable wire attached to it. Also to make sure that the battery of the device is working well, there is an available USB charger on control board is provided with it which enables the individual to charge the device as and when they feel like.

Bluetooth Speaker System

Best time to use

The device is well suited for every occasion and every kind of mode possible. When the switch on the rear panel is flipped, the different variety of multicolor sound which activates the light is turned on and eventually changes the colour along with pulsate with every music beat. This makes the ambience perfect for any party type as the beautiful multicolor light show is quite different for different songs that are being played on the device. As the USB and the SD card has already been provided along with the device, there is a chance of using the SD cards or the USB port as playlists or album by keeping the music files on it. After doing the same, the SD card or the USB port is inserted in the respective ports which will let the speaker automatically play the songs. The songs can be also skipped with the interactive display or the buttons provided.

The use of microphone

There has been a wireless microphone also available in the box that connects automatically to all the speakers when the system is turned on. The only thing that is needed is the insertion of 2x AA batteries for it to work. Bluetooth Speaker System is a great device for all sorts of parties or karaoke nights where the announcement will be made to all the guests with its help. There is also a place for the attachment of the two 1/4 audio jacks which can be converted into two extra sources of audio and thus controls the sound of each of the jack perfectly and separately. Thus the guests that are present in the party can use it to sing songs and entertain the others.

What are its uses?

Bluetooth Speaker System can be used in varieties of settings. This can be well attached in the living room or the bed room and can also be used in numerous ways such as phone charger and playing the music wirelessly. It gives an exceptionally well music quality. It is a perfect form of party entertainment. It can entertain at around 100 or more people.


There are wireless microphone and remote control which has been provided along with the set. Along with this, there are also included tweeters and woofers. FM radio and Bluetooth is also attached with the set and thus making it one of the most demanding device for the party goers.

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