How to Make a Slideshow Presentation with Movavi Slideshow Creator

You have probably seen slideshows of a compilation of beautiful pictures on websites and wonder how you can also create it yourself. It is not hard at all to create a slideshow. Slideshows is actually a compilation of pictures that usually have text to convey a message. Slideshows are movie files that can be uploaded as a video online to share with others. You need a slideshow maker software like Movavi Slideshow Creator for creating slideshows that can be uploaded to your site and share with your visitors.


Movavi picture slideshow maker is a slideshow maker that can create slideshow on various topics. Slideshows are like powerpoint presentation where one picture is jumped to another picture. It is suitable for use in creating slideshow for work, college, or sharing online. Upon launching the software, you will see four buttons. You should click on the Add Media Files button to have all your image files loaded into the timeline.

Once the image files appear in the timeline, you can drag around the pictures and move here and there to come up with the correct sequence. You should first rearrange the pictures in the right sequence before adding text to it. You have to add one of the title styles preinstalled on the software onto the picture that you want to add text. You can find a large selection of title styles under the T tab.

After you drag the title style onto the picture in the timeline, the title style placeholder will appear in the preview pane. Double clicking on it will make it editable with your preferred text. You can make the slideshow more interesting to watch by adding a soundtrack. You just have to drag your soundtrack from the folder where you store it to the row with the musical note icon in the timeline. Alternatively, you can have your soundtrack added into the timeline by clicking on the Add Media Files button.

if you want to split a picture, you can use the scissor tool. To split a picture, you must first click on the scissor tool and then click on the exact position of the picture where you want to split. It also has a rotate tool for rotating a picture. if you feel your picture has too much empty spaces, you can use the crop tool to crop off the empty spaces so that the main subject looks more focused.

If your slideshow look dull, you can try to add some transitions. Adding transitions will make your slideshow more interesting to watch compared to a plain slideshow without any transition. There are hundreds of transitions pre-installed in Movavi Slideshow Creator and you get to preview how it looks like on your image slides.

Transitions can improve your slideshows. However, you should not add too many transitions as it will make your slideshow look messy. The color adjustment tools can be found at the Tools tab. The color adjustment tools changes how the image slide look through the adjustment of factors such as brightness, shadows, and hue.


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