America’s most popular internet security provider, Blue Coat specializes in internet security and globally acclaimed for its online censorship equipments. They design technologically advanced equipments that enables you to supervise the netizens, journalists and their relative online sources. The censorship devices of the company make use of Deep Packet Inspection which is a latest technology utilized by many internet service providers to monitor and handle the network traffic and to repress the unnecessary connections and links.

Blue Coat Security Platform

The Company

Blue Coat is the biggest and most popular IT Company based in California, USA and it is globally acknowledged for supplying censorship and filtering equipments to countries like Burma and Syria. This USA based IT Company also specializes in providing latest network analysis system that is named as Intelligence Centres and these systems are primarily used by governments and companies to scrutinize and manage online traffic and handle the identity performance issues. It is widely used today to monitor the online behaviour of the individuals.

The company has marked its standing amongst the leading provider of advanced online security solutions for governments and global enterprises. Blue Coat focuses on protecting the enterprises and the individuals from all types of cyber threats, whether it is on the web, on the network in cloud or in mobile.

  • Most of the companies across the world are well versed with network inside out
  • Some companies have just steeped in protections and security threats
  • And some companies love and live the cloud

With the security platform, Blue Coat combines all these three factors together to help the companies get optimal protections for their computing environs, whilst minimizing the adverse impact on network performance and allowing the computing environment of your company to embrace the cloud services and its applications.

The Capabilities of Blue Coat

The supreme capabilities of the company as network, security and cloud provider make Blue Coat as the qualified company to offer supreme quality security platform to companies at global level, including 70% companies from the list of Fortune Global 500. The security system of the company can help companies manage the complication of extreme shifts that usually occur in your company’s computing landscape.

The rigorously defined corporate network that we all are aware of is about to annihilation and to address the need of the hour new option have emerged. There are several encrypted traffics available that are creating blind spots for the security systems. The conventional parameters are not sufficient as 5G and advanced Wi-Fi networks are emerging and hence the cloud services are fostering new work patterns. Today, we live in the world where hybrid, private and public cloud infrastructure plays a crucial role. People now prefer to access a mixture of cloud based applications and services that demands for higher data protection across multiple premises. The integrated security platform by Blue Coat addresses all the emerging network, security and cloud requirements.

Along with the integrated security platform, the company also offer some other advanced solutions that can work efficiently across different premises and cloud managed environments.

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