Free disk partition management is a super powerful tool that allows you to extend C drive or you can say the system partition, you can use it to settle low disk space issues and manage disk space with an easeon GPT disk and MBR. But the free version is only for home users, and it is highly trusted and recommended tool by more than 30,000,000 users worldwide. It supports almost every version of windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.

EaseUS Partition Master

Some of the key features of the EaseUS Partition Master Free

  • EaseUS partition master can be used to Resize/Move partitions from one disk to another without data loss; likewise you can extend the NTFS system partition with ease without the need to reboot the PC in order to maximize PC performance.
  • Merge two different and adjacent partitions to one to make it a bigger partition without data loss. Which means you can merge two adjacent partitions.
  • Convert or change the file system of a partition without formatting it, for example, you can convert FAT into NTFS file system. This tool will let you resize partitions as well.
  • Copy the whole hard disk to any other HDD or you can simply migrate the Operating System from HDD to a faster SSD without reinstalling the windows.
  • Partition Recovery Wizard lets you recover all your lost or deleted partitions from any unallocated space in your HDD.
  • You can convert the primary partition to the logical partition and again primary from logical; this feature comes handy if you want to convert a primary volume to a logical volume so that to create a 5th volume on the hard disk that has 4 existing primary volumes.
  • Convert GPT to MBR and vice versa without losing your data.
  • The most important feature is that this tool will let you wipe the whole disk or you can wipe partition in order to permanently wipe all your sensitive data.
  • Supports data partition of up to16TB GPT disk.

The free version has some restrictions, but you can do all the above mentioned tasks if you have the free version of this tool. The pro version of EaseUS Partition Master comes for 39 USD and offers some extra features like creating bootable WinPE disk, free technical support, can be used for business usage and much more awesome and cool features.

What’s New in Version 10.5

The new version is able to convert GPT disk to MBR and again MBR to GPT. This will be used to make the full use of HDD. Support 8Terabytes in free version and 16TB for the paid version. They have given a whole new user interface to make it sleek and beautiful. Free partition magic is windows 10 compatible and it’s the Best free Windows 10 partitioning manager tool.


You will find a number of tools and software with the tag that they are the best partition software, but believe us; you won’t find any other free software that will offer you this much of features. It’s simply the best Partition manager tool for windows.

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