The crazy lovers of entertainment always have a keen attention on the home theater systems in the market. This is because only these systems can provide them a complete feel of entertainment. Even though there are numerous brands in the market for home theater systems, some brands are considered to be more famous among the users. NRG Acoustics is one such brand which is supposed to have a greater familiarity in current market. This brand have delivered many HD series home theater systems which are also affordable than other home theater system brands in the market. Some of their products and their exclusive features are discussed in this article as follows.

Effective Home Theater System

A-70 Home Theater System

This is one of the HD series of NRG Acoustics. This series is HD compatible and they also have wall mounting brackets.  Thus, they can be fixed in any suitable place with the help of these brackets. Since their brackets are highly durable, there will not be any hassles even in future. Like the other series of NRG Acoustics, this home theater system is also made with audio cables which are of premium quality. Since they are 5.1 channel compatible, the users can enjoy greater benefits. This series also comes with smart phone compatibility. Apart from these, they have other exclusive features which are common in all the series of NRG Acoustics.

NRG Acoustics HJ-17

This is another most affordable and popular home theater system of NRG Acoustics. The most interesting fact about this system which is also the reason for their popularity is their connectors are gold plated. Like A-70, HJ -17 is also considered to be smart phone compatible. The power of this total system is 2000 watts. The antennas of this home theater system involve multi directional satellites. Apart from this, they are HD compatible, they come with brackets for wall mounting and their drivers are made up of pure bass.

SJ-331 Home Theater System

While all the other series of NRG Acoustics come with total system power of 2000 watts, SJ-331 come with 1500 watts. They have dual subwoofer which is about 6.5 inches. And they are made up of pure bass. This specific model is made with carbonate drivers. Like the previous series, this model is also made with gold plated connectors. Even though this series has many specific features, they are considered to be highly affordable.

Apart from these, the products of NRG Acoustics involve SG-4 home theater systems, HD televisions and many. To know about their products and to order them in the easiest way, they can be approached through online. The details about their products, pricing and the direction for placing the orders are mentioned in their official website. Hiring their official website is also the best option to overcome the scams in the online market. People who have any queries about the features, guarantee and other related aspects can sort it out with the help of their support team.

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