There are various different technologies out there for tracking the location of the mobile phone such as triangulation, cell identification and the last but not the least GPS location. The mobile user tracking has various applications such as providing location – based services, the automatic locating identification services as well as monitoring and tracking the location of your family member or your employee. The mobile android spy software was designed for the mobile phones which are based on Android operating system. This software uses the GPS for tracking the location of a mobile phone. For getting this software installed in your Android cell phone you should preferably visit to, which will take seconds to get installed.

GPS Positioning

Different types of cell phone tracking services

There are mainly three types of tracking services for locating cell phones. These are discussed below:

Cell identification

Cell identification is the least accurate form of tracking service for locating a cell phone. This is so as the cell phone gets connected to the nearest base station which provides the best signal. Cell identification service works on the basis of location – based services, thus it is unable to locate the accurate position. It is mainly used by travellers who want to locate the nearby restaurant or hotels etc.


Triangulation is another technique of tracking the location of a cell phone. This technique is much more accurate than the cell identification technique of tracking the mobile phone’s location. Some of these techniques can be done without getting intruded by the network. Even in the condition of not being used the cell phone transmits a roaming signal. A network operator can monitor the cell phone’s signal atleast at three base stations. The cell phone’s location is tracked by the drop in the signal strength which is directly proportional to the distance between the cell phone and the network operator’s base station. And thus, roughly  the network operator can locate the cell phone.


This is the most accurate way of tracking the location of a cell phone. Some system can’t be implemented or introduced non – intrusively by the service providers. Instead the technique of tracking the location of cell phone’s location requires installation in the cell phone itself. And therefore these techniques are restricted to smart phones such as android, blackberry, windows, iphone devices etc. But if the mobile has the GPS facility then the location of the cell phone can be located or tracked very easily. The intrusive tracking of cell phone’s location has various different applications such as you can monitor the exact location of an employee or a family member. The best example of this type of application is the application which uses the GPS feature to give you the most accurate and exact location information of a cell phone is the android spy software that is easily available and can be easily installed as well on the mobiles with Android operating systems.

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