The CES 2014 ‘s popularity can be grasped from the fact that all flights to Las Vegas were delayed or diverted for hours. Everybody wanted to get their hands or rather their eyes on the latest of gadgets.

With 3D printers and amazing cameras and T.V’s, the geeks of our planet had landed there. All roads led to Vegas for this glorious period. One of the biggest attractions or what one might call,  the biggest distraction from other numerous products, was-  Curved Screens.

 NSA iPhone Hack, Live at CES 2014

Curved Screens actually seemed to have given some ‘Techgasm’. The event had a curved screen at (ironically) every corner. They were being hailed by all manufactures ( Sony, Samsung, L.G) as the next big thing. And here is why:

  1. a) Curved Screens are going to give you the ultimate theatre exprience with their curved sides. Only make sure you buy a big enough screen so the effect is great no matter from which angle you view it.
  2. b) They are immersive. With giving you a rounded screen and you placed right at the centre, the screen literally wraps around and you are hooked.
  3. c) Want a flat T.V for a change? Simply press a button and its as flat as your old T.V. But you won’t be using this button often because of the curves having you hooked. The large size and the switch button option is being provided by L.G It has introduced a 105” Ultra HD that changes from curved to flat (for viewing web content). And what is an even better news is that curved smartphones are here too, which are going to be really user friendly, because of the sheer fact that you can hold them better in your palm and and enjoy viewing so much better than a on a flat boring screen. So let us let go off our flat HDTV’s and flat screen phones as something even more awesome than 3D TV’s has arrived!


•  Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Pros: front light much better than the last edition and some new refreshing software updated.

Cons: It is the same as the last year editions. No upgrade.

•  Koro Aura HD

Pros: It has the best of characteristics including a 6.8 display screen erupting text capability and a 4GB storage space.

Cons: Size matters hence it has a possibility of slipping off sweaty hands and the roaring prices.

•  Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight

Pros: The advantages are it has a better display, improved front light and weighing a little less.

► Gaming

• Sony Playstation 4

Pros: You can use this sleek gadget with the touch of a button; it is a great controller and has a user-friendly boundary.

Cons: None.

• Microsoft Xbox One

Pros: it has an amazing voice control with bombastic features and also the user where you can switch from games to app in fraction of a second.

Cons: Not attractive-looking but as all knows appearances can be deceptive.

 ► Home Entertainment

 • Google Cgromecast

Pros: It can turn this small gadget into a TV all for a price of $35.

Cons: It does not have features like Apple TV or Roku.

► ROKU 3

Pros: Easy to access and a wide set of channels.

Cons: Does not have analog AV support.

2013 was the year of government examination and disclosures. It didn’t go through any innovation or achievements or a flurry of Diploma of Information Technology graduates. But this year Netflix took on the studios, copyright changes became the main task in DC. These small or big tasks not only brought about changes in the technology industry but on the society as well.

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