Traveling somewhere that you have never been before could be a little worrying experience. Fortunately, our new technology is able to help us out through our travels so we can truly enjoy our trip. It may sound cliche, but there are a lot of mobile apps for that.
Today, you can easily turn your mobile phone as the same purpose of an electronic Swiss Army knife using these top 5 mobile apps for travelers. What you just have to do is install them on your phone and enjoy a stress-free travel experience keeping phone number for VAT handy.

Mobile Apps for Travelers


If you are going to travel out of the United State but do not like the idea of having a high bills for phone calls and phone number for VAT, then you can count on Skype mobile app that lets you to make cheap calls with the use of the internet rather than using your cell phone telecom provider’s expensive per-minute call rate. Connect your Skype with your free hotel Wi-Fi, and you could easily call anyone you want through their mobile phones or landlines for just a few cents and or if they have Skype installed in their phone or computer, you can call them for free, or even video call.

With this great mobile app you document everything you do for the entire trip. Not just is it useful for writing about your travel experience, it is also a great app to save every address and basic details that you would get from the guide books that are important when traveling.

This free mobile app is very helpful for anyone who wants to travel but has a tight budget. Kayak can help you use thousands of different travel websites to book flights, make a hotel reservation, and look for car to rent. You are also able to check your route, look at the baggage fees, and it gives brief details about your destination.

Wi-Fi Finder
From time to time, everyone is having the need to look at their Facebook or check their emails. The Wi-Fi Finder app is could help anyone in finding more 320,000 enumerated public Wi-Fi spots throughout the world.

Tourist Eye
So, let’s say that you need more than one mobile app at the same time. The Tourist Eye’s mobile app has everything you need — maps, recommendations, travel planners, and also a journal where you are able to take photographs and right down everything in your travel experience. Another good thing about this app is that you don’t need an internet connection to be able to use this.

A variety of communication apps can help you stay in touch with people in any part of the world, look at the map, find the nearest accommodation, and a lot of different things that you may need throughout the trip. So, thanks to these smartphone mobile apps, we can go travel with less worries and anxiety of getting lost or being alone.
Now, what you just need to do is get your mobile phone and download all these reliable apps in order to get the most out of your trip.

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