Mobile Phone is a gateway to the future world; it’s evidence that our future is getting Suffesticated. It all started back in England on March 10, 1876; a whole revolution was about to come, a first primary step towards future, Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of busy and easy world. He invited Telephone, Back then it was just a huge box via which you could hear what a person was saying from another end. Then the telephones evolved the changed to landlines with a small wheel; you need to spin it to dial some number and make up a call to someone, They again evolved to landline with buttons, yes they were still wired and yes I am pretty sure that most of you have not seen them yet you might only have seen them in some movie or serial. Telephones were also used in World War; they were Radio Frequency telephones, and then, they were not wired anymore they evolved to wireless and more convenient handset known as cell phones or mobile phones.

Mobile Phone is a revolution; It has made our lives easier, and it is helpful to us in many ways.

OnePlus3 Gateway to Future

Contributing to this revolution ONEPLUS a brand you can trust, A brand that has proved itself is going to launch a SmartPhone known as “ONEPLUS 3” it has already made its space in the market and also in the hearts of the people. Many people are eagerly waiting for this phone and are ready to pay any price which the company asks. Just because of mind-blowing OnePlus 3 specs.

In this article, we are going to give you details about the OnePlus 3 Release Date, OnePlus 3 Specs, and OnePlus3 Invite system.

People are curious to know about the OnePlus 3 Invite system through which they can buy OnePlus 3. OnePlus 3 invite system is a system through which you can register yourself on some online website and get and invite on your email if you are selected and if you get an invite, then you can buy that phone.

As we all know it will be harder to buy OnePlus because of its greater demand in the market and people are already going crazy for this handset.

About the release date, Though there is no official announcement of the release date of OnePlus3, but sources say that the OnePlus 3 is going to launch this month only, and it is expected to launch on 14th June 2016.

You can be sure that you will get this phone in your pockets this month only until and unless if you get an invite from the company.

To increase your chances to get an Invite, register yourself several times from different accounts and email ids and different numbers. But just keep one thing in mind don’t give the same identity every time just use different Identities, and you can also register via names of your different family members.

So what are you waiting for guys, just enroll yourself for the OnePlus3  and the one among those to step into the Future.

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