Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of not placing enough emphasis on their business’s social media presence. Although many believe that it is more important to establish their business and brand first before promoting it on social media, it is extremely important to establish a social media presence early on, as social media is one of the most effective marketing tools available today.

Thus, here are four ways to give your business a strong social media presence:

  1. Be Active

The first step to growing the word about your business over social media is by having an active presence on your business’s social media accounts. Choose which social media sites you want to focus your attention on, and begin organically growing your audience. The three most popular sites for businesses are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and in order to be successful on each, it is important you understand how they work. Post regularly on each site, and try to engage your audience by asking them a question.

Four Ways to Give Your Business a Strong Social Media Presence

While there are apps that can schedule your social media posts ahead of time, do not neglect spending some time each week actively being on social media. Although it might feel time consuming, it is important you take the time to interact with your followers. To cut down on how much time you spend online, consider looking into a high speed Wifi bundle from Comcast Cable, as the Wifi will allow you to be more efficient in your social media approach.

  1. Contribute

One of the most important aspects to growing your business over social media is contributing. Posting on your social sites is important, but participating in business groups and discussions is equally as important. Not only does it get your name out into the business world, it also establishes you as an authority on certain matters. As an added bonus, contributing to these business circles is also a form of online networking.

  1. Blog Content

Include a blog section on your website. This area not only gives your site more authority in the eyes of Google’s algorithms, it will also give you more content to share over your social media sites. Additionally, regularly updating your blog can help to establish yourself in the business world, for you appear as an expert in your field.

  1. Address Comments

Whether from disgruntled customers or competition, negative comments will happen. However, so will positive comments. Be sure to address each comment, as it will show others you care about your customers, even when they offer a negative review. Being polite and respectful over your comments alerts potential customers that your business cares and is interested in the customer and not only the money the customer represents. Ignoring the comments can be a big mistake, and it can turn people off from following your business over social media, as they may not feel a strong connection to your business or brand.

A strong social media presence also gives your business an authenticity that it might otherwise lack, as you can include personal statements about your business ethics, mission, and accomplishments.

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