With the whole world responding positively to the “Go Green” mission, it is only a matter of few years that you will be turning towards solar powered electricity rather than the electricity that you are using now. It would not only be cost effective, but as a community you will be saving a lot of natural resource.

Why go solar

One of the biggest benefits of a solar power system is the ability to save a lot of money on electricity. Plus, when the solar panels are fully charged, you can get electricity for days and weeks. Since these panels are independent, there is no question of power cuts.

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Types of solar power systems

There various solar systems that is available in the market these days. They are meant for different lifestyles and environment. Given below are few types of solar systems that you can try:

  • Stand alone grid connected- these are basically a customized form of grid connected solar power systems that also come with the facility to store energy. In this format, battery storage is not considered a big factor. Since it has the ability to store energy, you may not switch to another form of energy source during the evening time or at night.
  • Grid connected- this works in collaboration with your normal electricity. They are not dependent on the exposure of the sun. If you see the full setup, you will notice that there is no option for battery storage. Users will have electricity all the time because the system is linked with the normal electricity of the house. Since it does not rely on the sun’s exposure, you do not have worry about the weather conditions as well. Come what may, you will get proper electricity at any time of the day.
  • Off grid- this is also known as remote power systems. One of the main benefits of this system is that it is totally dependent on the sun’s exposure. As soon as the solar panels get the sunlight, they automatically transform that into electricity. Even in the absence of sunlight, the same process is followed because the system has the ability to store solar energy.
  • Stand alone off grid- these are made by installing solar panels that are generated by electricity. Although it does not fit the perfect definition of a solar powered system, but it can be very useful when it comes to needing electricity for a long period of time.

What to choose

It is completely up to the user what he wants to buy. If you are using for commercial purposes, then you can go for grid connected solar power. On the other hand, if you want to use it for domestic purposes, you can opt for off grid solar power. However, you need to choose from the best solar energy companies. Buying from a branded company will ensure full warranty and good quality of the panels. Moreover, the company would also install the stuff. In some cases it has been seen that customers have to install the panels on their own.

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