iPad falls under the category of tablet computers. It has become so popular that it owns more than half of the market shares of tablet computers. It runs Apple’s applications and uses the iOS as the operating system.

It is a multi touch display device and with the latest version of operating system i.e. iOS 5 can directly sync with iTunes. There are a number of iPad applications on Apple’s store which address any possible usage of iPad. Apple is constantly adding those apps so as to improve user experience.

Best iPad Applications

Currently they offer about 140,000 apps. Some of the useful apps are as follows;

  • Roambi – Visualizer:

Business people will love this application. Users can use their business reports and data for useful purposes such as preparing presentation, devising strategies and get update with the trends. It works with different apps such as Sales force CRM, SAP, Google Docs, Microsoft Reporting Services and quite a few others to perform complex business related tasks.

  • MathBoard:

This is a wonderful app for teaching students the basics of mathematics on iPad. It contains quizzes, quick reference math tables, explanation for solving different operations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and square roots. The external screen play through Airplay helps teachers to display the learning techniques through HD TV screen.

  • Brushes:

This is a very useful app for designers and artists. Up to six layers are available which make the work of editing and composing easier. 19 brushes help you to give even the most delicate touches to your paintings. You can send your work directly to Flickr.

  • Infinity Blade:

An electronic gadget will always feel empty if it doesn’t contain a game. There are hundreds of games and Infinity Blade is in higher ranks. There are some glorious graphics on offer. The job of the player is to defeat a bunch of supporters of the tyrant and after beating them has to eliminate to eliminate that king as well. It is an absorbing experience to play the game with swipes of the fingers.

  • Martha Stewart Makes Cookies:

This is a wonderful app which helps you to make a variety of cookies through videos, timers, shopping lists and timers. You can also note down the related points. You can also share the recipes through Facebook and email.

  • CNN App:

You can watch CNN live on your iPad with the help of this app. You can save stories for viewing them offline, customize your preferred view, interact with people by commenting on the news and sharing the news items on Facebook, Email or Twitter.

  • FlightTrack Pro:

Now you can get data flight data from any of the 14000 airlines with coverage of 4000 international airports. You can predict the delay in flight timings with the help of historical data and warnings from the airport. Weather radar and forecasts are very helpful in arranging a safe and enjoyable trip.

iPad apps address different needs. You can find apps related to business, travel, sports, lifestyle, education and entertainment. It is due to them that iPad is such a powerful gadget.

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