Different kinds of tools are available online for various purposes. Such tools help people from different walks of life better benefits in various ways. Online is a best resource for business, entrepreneurs and freelancers. The reason is that they can find numerous tools and software applications that makes the business easier and saves a lot of time for them. Interesting fact is that there are many simple but most effective tools available for free of cost. Usage of such tools and software applications has been increased as there are numerous benefits. Most of the businesses and employers use such tools to calculate time, track the work progress and to track the location of the employees and freelancers working for them.

Because of the increase in outsourcing there is great increase in freelancers. Many companies and business use freelancers and the employees that work away from the business place and their aim is to get the work done without delay. Time sheets are very important for calculating the time taken for the entire month regarding the project or the tasks they finish so that the employer will be able to pay accordingly. The time sheets calculated as per the work hours of the employee will be used by the pay roll software by any person to calculate the salary for the person at the end of the month. The main reason for calculation the time using a tool or software application is not to miss the time and to calculate the productivity of the person as per the time and the work progress.

Time Tracking Tool

The timewizard.com is the best tool for calculating the time taken by the employee or the freelancer for doing the tasks or the tasks done for the entire month. The employee or the freelancer will be given a user id to login and they can login from anywhere and once they login they have to click the start button for time calculation and at the end of finishing the work they have to click stop. This should be done every time they work so that they time will be calculated without fail. Most of the employers will be using this without fail because they will get paid only for the time tracked. At the end of the month they employers will use time sheet to pay the salary using the payroll software calculation calculated as per the timesheet.

The timeclockwizard.com site brings you the best features for using this time tracking this tool because, it offers a feature called snap shot or screens shot that is used to track the work progress of the employee or the freelancer so that they don’t find chance to cheat. The tool will take snap shot of the working screen of the employee or the freelancer once in a while.

Since it takes the screen shot no employee or freelancer will do other tasks in the business hours or even if they do they don’t use the time tracker to add the time. They will stop the tracker and then do other tasks and hence the time added in the tracker will be the exact time taken by the employee only for working business tasks.

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