Any graphical representation of different items, data and events in a proper sequential manner is termed as timeline. A huge range of programs are available that make your timeline more colorful and innovative. These programs are popularly known as timeline makers. Use of these programs enables you to arrange and organize your timeline according to date, event and time. Previously timelines were drawn manually or were printed on paper and were constrained by space. But in the modern days, with the development of various computer software, you can make your timeline more unrestricted, interactive as well as digital.

Timeline Maker And Its Types

Importance of Timeline Maker

With the help of the different available timeline maker programs, you can now enjoy the advantage of creating professional timelines in Power Point very quickly. Timeline enables you to create uncountable multiple charts from only one single set of available data. To complete the procedure of creating various timeline charts you need to enter data only once and can make as many views of that particular data according to your requirement. To develop an attractive as well as an organized timeline, it is required to choose the appropriate format for your timeline from the variety of formats that are present like Gantt chart timeline, Bar chart timeline, Flag chat timeline or even a Chronology chart for getting the optimum result in formatting your timeline.

Timeline maker is one of the most important features for every person including a student, a teacher or educator, or even for office use. A timeline enables you to create a visual representation of the data and the information in a connected sequence for a definite period of time. Timeline help the students to easily comprehend and internalize information, chronological sequences, and dates. With the use of timelines students can also make of these tools for participating actively as well as for the purpose of building new learning experiences. These are also an excellent tool for conducting scholarly research and for sharing knowledge.

Types of Timeline Maker

There are a variety of timeline maker programs that are available in the present days which help you in creation of timeline in an effective and organized manner. The list of timeline maker programs includes:

  • Office Timelines – Smartsheet makes it easier for to create rich, visual project timelines with the use of two powerful integrations. To get maximum effect you can connect your Smartsheet data with Office Timeline or the Tableau and can create beautiful visual representations of your office projects.
  • Timelines for the use of the teachers and the students. These timelines also includes a large number of variation which listed below:
  • Timeline Student Interactive
  • Timeline JS
  • MYHistro
  • Timerime
  • TimeToast
  • Our Story
  • TikiToki
  • Dipity
  • TimelineGlider
  • Meograph
  • Timeline Maker
  • Timeline 3D
  • Timestream
  • Timeline
  • Timeline Builder
  • Interactive Timelines- You can make your timeline interactive and can give visual effects with Tableau. This can done by integrating Smartsheet data into tableau. The use of the Smartsheet Live Data Connector helps you to establish a real-time connection between Smartsheet and Tableau and also allows to create live visualizations that can be shared with anyone.

Hence all these available timeline maker programs help you in creation of attractive and well organized timeline easily.

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