Tracking Affiliate Sales

Affiliate marketing is quite popular in contemporary times. Regarded as a good way to increase sales, business profitability, the marketing practice is highly popular among the users. As part of the marketing, affiliate links are distributed by businesses to their affiliates to attract website traffic for commercial purposes. Commercially, affiliate marketing is used to earn extra money by certain individuals. Businesses using such type of marketing gains from it if the web traffic associated with such marketing are of very high quality. By tracking the affiliate sales and using appropriate software tools, the tool user can keep the quality of the web traffic high, which is an advantage for any business.

Track Affiliate Sales


The software uses a technology used to manage/ track marketing activities (affiliate marketing). The software tracks the performance of clicks, the impressions of ad materials. The advertising materials can be banners and links used in product promotion. The software is associated with affiliated networks and It tracks and manages the activities of affiliate networks. The affiliate sales tracking software measure the various aspects of a given action. Such actions can be categorized as follows:-

  • Cost per click (cpc)
  • Cost per acquisition (cpa)
  • Cost per impression (cpm)
  • Cost per install (cpi)
  • Cost per sale (cps)

The software adds value to the business, increases the traffic quality for the business by tracking the computer IP, affiliate browser details.

Benefits and Uses

With respect to modern affiliate marketing, the benefits of the software are described as follows:-

  • It tracks computer IP address of the user.
  • It tracks browser details of the user.
  • The software helps to bring quality business traffic.
  • It helps in enhancing business productivity.
  • In contemporary times, the software is an effective way to make money online.

Other Software benefits

Other features of the Track Affiliate Sales software are described as follows:-

The software helps in generating tracking codes. To track sales leads special URL links or tracking codes are used.

The software track time and click location, impression, sale, lead.

Affiliate tracking software helps network admin, advertisers to visualize the effective affiliate, the affiliate which is a low performer and which affiliate is effective.

The software has a special fraud detection mechanism used for detecting frauds committed by the publishers.

About the Software

There are a number of software programs available online. However, choosing the best product is crucial for every business.  Affiliate marketing is an old concept. It is a popular marketing strategy. This type of marketing allows businesses to share affiliate links with their affiliate partners. These affiliate links are used to promote a business. The affiliate partners, business, receive commissions whenever a customer make purchases by clicking on affiliate links. The essence of affiliate marketing is website traffic. The track affiliate sales software help users to monitor the customer browser details, customer’s IP address. In this way, the software users can get quality traffic and that helps to increase business sales, profits. The software is available online, and those interested in purchasing the item can know about the stuff from relevant online contents.

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