Tech for the Tech-Junkies: Gifts Impossible to Disappoint

Buying a gift for someone that is heavily into tech is similar to buying a gift for your boss … you just don’t know what to get them because their tastes are either far too refined, you don’t really know the details, or you’re left wondering if they already have it.

Tech items can be expensive, which makes it doubly difficult when buying for the tech-junkies (those really, really into the industries). It’s also difficult considering that by this time next year that same piece of technology may be a fraction of its price. A happy medium is what we’re looking for so it’s still in flavor but it’s not too far obsolete from new additions.

Let’s break down some of the major tech-related gifts you could purchase, figure out what’s best at this time, and make sure that it’ll appeal to those that are heavily into the industries.


Ah, gaming, this is where you’ll become the champion of gift giving because who doesn’t want one of the awesome new releases or a classic title? You’ve got tons of digital distribution options to choose from that aren’t going to break the bank even when you’re gifting – Steam, GoG, Direct2Drive, and more.

Chances are if they’re into tech and gaming they already have Steam. Steam lets you easily gift games to people so if you have the patience you could quickly setup an account, buy a game when they go on some of the super sales, and then gift them for a fraction as if you were to buy them retail.

Outside of Steam there are still plenty of options such as picking up older systems at a swap meets or flea markets, grabbing something you’ve found off one of their wish lists, or maybe something gaming related like a wall scroll, collector’s edition, or plushie. For gamers – it’s all good.



They may not be in front of the computer as much as their projects or computers but TV is always (and all the great streaming and broadcast options) are always a nice change of pace when multitasking starts to wear you down.

Besides the obvious, such as a subscription to one of the many popular streaming services or bumping up the broadband connection, I would recommend something like an upgraded Direct TV package so they can get all the premium channels (Game of Thrones on HBO anyone?).


No doubt the computer is the center of attention for the tech-junkies in your life. After all it’s not only a tool but a major source of entertainment and socialization.

As far as gifts go I can only say based on personal preferences but I can bet that these will almost always make the list:

  • Mechanical keyboard (because who doesn’t love that clack-clack feel?)
  • A really great gaming mouse
  • Comfortable computer chair
  • Computer hardware gift cards

I’d probably skip on trying to go too specific on this one since people can be finicky about that they want in and around their battle stations but even just these as a base are often mind-blowingly awesome in terms of gifts (and they’re really not all that expensive, either).


A couple of great Web-related suggestions I may add would be subscriptions to:

This area is a little hit and miss depending on how well you know the person but otherwise these three things are more than enough to get you started with the gift giving. Many of these are very inexpensive to get started (even if you sign up for a full year) so you’re looking at about an average price for a gift.


Outside of the big three you could consider taking a look at gifts such as:

  • Drawing tablets
  • Remote control drones
  • Desktop widgets
  • Headphones and other peripherals
  • Workspace comforts

I, for one, love the idea of drones and other robotics since they are not only physical gifts but something you can tinker with in terms of hardware and software. Others, like drawing tablets and desktop widgets, are great items as far as creativity goes. Peripherals are always a welcome choice considering tech-types are in front of workstations much of the day. Whereas workspace comforts (like a mini fridge, new coffee cup, or cable management) is quite a nice choice.

Choosing gifts for those tech-junkies in your life may be difficult but this should give you a good starting point for what they may desire. The neat part is that even if it’s not right on the nose they will generally find a way to add it to their battle station so it’s win/win! See what else you can find out there and good luck on hunting down those awesome tech products.

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