All in an app!

            The whole world seems to revolve around the application or app in short, available in the smart phones and they can be downloaded online and installed in a few minutes. Everyone has understood the use of the applications that are available for every important job or function that can be made simple by using it. The most used one is the whats app which everybody is so crazy about from all age groups. This is the latest trend over the online social networking sites which can be carried out on any platform such as the smart phones, the laptop, the desk top, and tablet and on any brand of smart phone. It looks like the whole world is hooked on to this application unlike any other application as it brings together people and gives the emotional bonding which humans yearn for!


            When it comes to hanging out, the youngsters are those who make the best use of the time. But with the application, even the rest of the population is benefitted by those quotes and statements that they get from friends, family and from the workplace from the colleagues. If you want to know the current mood of your friend, it would be easier to find it out from the whats app status that he or she is keeping at the moment. The status is very personal sometimes but it can be subjective whether to bring it out or not. The extrovert would definitely choose to be very open about it no doubt.

whats app status

Choose from the best!

            For every emotion that you may be going through, there are quotes or statements that will exactly express your present mental condition and this would be understood by the friends and family. The most wanted situation for any individual would be that which makes him or her happy, motivated and also feel on top of things. Those statements of motivation and cheer up from friends and others would definitely make your day if you are feeling very low due to any situation. There are hundreds or even thousands of such quotes that can be used and they are all available online.

Lighten up the atmosphere!

            When you receive a quote from a friend who is very humorous and has the funny bone, you would definitely be delighted to read what he or she has to say above all the other important things to do in your list. This is quite natural to humans to find something comical in every situation and in everything around them. Though there are many such emotions and psychological states in humans, the funny side of it is what is most expected as this would relieve you of the stress that you feel due to the current situation or something going tough in your life or at the work place. The person with the sense of best humor is always regarded as the top member of the group and the contact list of such individuals would be very long and no doubt.

Old things, new quotes!

            There was a time when people used to say old wine in a new bottle, but the current trend is to say new quotes to the already existing situations in life. These can be downloaded online and installed on to the smart phone and can be shared with friends and family. Those who have the funny status in their profile are always popular and would be well liked by all in a group.

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