Things To Consider When Choosing A Video Surveillance Software

Organizations such as corporate entities and government agencies often need sophisticated security systems, and this is where choosing the right video surveillance software comes into play. There are many companies that provide great video surveillance management and analytics, so what you have to factor in are your specific needs as well as the reliability and accessibility of your software. With the right software, you can conduct your business with peace of mind and keep your assets and personnel safe.

Video Management Software

Your objectives

What are your security objectives? These are the first thing you need to consider. Do you want surveillance to be able to cover all areas in your building? Did you notice flaws or challenges in your previous security system that need to be overcome? Video surveillance management and analytics providers like Qognify can give you a video surveillance system tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Your hardware

Most security systems now rely on IP cameras instead of the old analog surveillance cameras. However, many buildings still rely on analog cameras and outdated video management equipment. If you are still using analog cameras as well as newer IP cameras, there are many examples of IP video surveillance software that can incorporate both analog and IP cameras into the same network. Even so, you should seriously consider upgrading your cameras and computer units to ensure speed and efficiency.

Ease and reliability

Qognifyis one company that is more than willing to ensure that your video surveillance software is easy to use and manage. This way, your own IT team can do the daily maintenance tasks easily and troubleshoot issues themselves. You might want to ask yourself if you are willing to train people to efficiently manage the new software. You also need to make sure that your surveillance system is reliable by looking up the provider’s track record. In doing this, you can get a sense of how the video surveillance software has held up once deployed in the field.

Video storage and display

You also need to consider where your video footage will be stored. Are SD cards and other removable storage acceptable? Would you be more comfortable with central Cloud storage?

The way live footage is displayed is also important. TheIP video surveillance software you choose should provide a live footage display that is easy to monitor.

Alert functions

Security systems should first and foremost be able to prevent dangerous situations. You therefore need to look at how the software detects potential threats and how you can be alerted. Will you be sent an email? Will the software send the live footage to the people monitoring the screen? A security problem can escalate quickly, so a timely response is key. Your software should make it easy for you to quickly respond to a problematic situation. Your video surveillance software should be able to easily help you act in a matter of seconds or minutes in order to deal with potentially dangerous situations.

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