TOP 6 Apps of 2016 for Android

Today, we present to you a list of TOP 6 Android apps of 2016 that you are definitely going to like. All the apps below are supported by pretty much any modern smartphone. In case yours is rather old and you are looking for something new, we recommend you visit Kijiji to buy Samsung smartphone or Apple smartphone of your choice.

TOP 6 Apps of 2016 for Android

Inbox от Gmail
Gmail has been a standard for e-mail apps for a long time. It seems that Google itself is tired of this and it decided to make a Gmail killer. Inbox – is a next generation e-mail client that is able to independently group correspondence, fish out the most important information from letters, and even write answers for you. In April this year, the program also received an advanced integration with “Google Calendar”, a function to set reminders, and the ability to store links of Web pages.

The NetGuard app originally was positioned as a software firewall for Android. With the help of this app, you can fine-tune permissions and network rules of conduct for all of your installed applications. All this functionality is available in the program, which you can download at Google Play for free.

No matter how hard some analysts tried to put behind RSS, it is still there and it is thriving. Which means that there will be new news reader apps in this format. Quote – is one of them. This mobile client is aimed at two popular services – Feedly and Inoreader, which has a user-friendly interface, a stylish design and a support of all programs required for this kind of function. It is also able to get the full text of articles, clean them from advertisings and display them in the most convenient form.

Words – is a program for learning of English words. Its developers are well aware of the futility of stupid drilling, so they tried to make the process of memorizing new vocabulary as interesting as possible. In Words, you are invited to learn more than 8 000 words divided into 330 lessons. The unique training will make the process easy and even fun. The app will be a great tool for those who are learning English as a second language.

Google Calander
The team of developers of «Google Calendar” has issued two useful updates recently. One of them has added the support of reminders that previously appeared in Inbox, Google Keep and Google Now. The second function allows you to set goals and find time to achieve them. It will help you find some free period of time for exercising, reading, studying foreign languages and other useful things.

Chrooma Keyboard
There is a huge number of third-party keyboards made for Android smartphones like Samsung and you can visit click here to check price for Samsung phone. However, most users prefer the default program from Google. Chrooma Keyboard might break this tradition. It has the support for different languages, an adaptation of the color scheme to the external look of the app, an automatic switch to the night mode in low light conditions, an intelligent switching of languages and several other original features that will make you forget about your old keyboard.

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