Xbox One Owners Are Excited about E3

Let’s face it – late spring and early summer is the best time for gamers. Not because it’s finally warm enough that we don’t need several layers before we leave the house. Who needs the heat when you plan on playing Xbox all day? No, it’s because it’s when the annual E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is held. Gamers look forward to it like a child does Christmas, and this year’s E3 certainly delivered on gifts.


While many designers concentrated on their gaming lineup, Team Xbox revealed a whole new family of devices at the expo.

Xbox One S
In this particular console, Xbox plans to go smaller and more compact than ever before. The One S loses about 40% of the original’s size, making it a sleek, miniature addition to the family. Despite its diminutive size, it supports 4K Ultra HD for Blu-Ray movies and streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Video.

Project Scorpio
While the One S tackles size, Scorpio focuses on processing powers. Expected to be a powerful, high-performing console, gamers will be able to enjoy 6 teralops of GPU. For those out of the loop, a teraflop is the measure of how fast a computer can process functions, and only the fastest computing operations are capable of reaching teraflop speeds. It too will have 4K gaming, as well as HD VR. All in all, it will be hard to wait until the end of 2017 for its release.

New Wireless Controller
Xbox is taking their old controller designs and making minor tweaks to enhance its operation. Team Xbox has said gamers can expect a textured grip around a streamlined, white design. It will also be decked out with Bluetooth radio that provides a wireless connection to PCs and tablets installed with Windows 10.

The latest upgrades to the controller won’t be available until the end of the summer. Until then, you can invest in texturized vinyl skins to improve the grip of your current controller. PS4 skins (or wraps and decals as their also known as) are slim additions to the controller’s buttons and toggles that enhance the traction of its slick plastic. It’s also grime-resistant when produced by providers like dbrand, making them easy to keep clean when you mistakenly play and snack at the same time. The cool thing about these PS4 skins is that has tons of options for the controller, the console, and the Kinect box. You can mix and match colors and textures to create something distinctly you.

A decal is a simple and affordable addition that can help you while you wait for the controller, but there’s nothing to be done for One S or Project Scorpio. For those releases, you’ll have to employ good, old-fashioned patience until Team Xbox deems them ready to hit shelves. Until then, enjoy what you have and enhance your current system with a customized skin.

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